Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Beginning

Hi Welcome to the IMPERFECT blog where we will be following Riams case with Abercrombie and Fitch as well as all the campaign news! T-shirts as seen on Riam will be on sale next week, so we'll keep you posted! Thanks for reading and watch this space..
Sophie x


  1. Good luck with it Sophie, looking forward to seeing what's next!
    Bendy Girl

  2. Well done Sophie, It's people like you, who are going to make this planet a more 'stump friendly' place. I am looking forward to buying one of your campaign t shirts and wearing it with pride. It will great to wear out if doing a 'bit of shopping' and especially inside A&F!

    I have just finished writing a book caled 'Shared Experiences' which is about the experiences of having and parenting children with upper limb deficiencies. I have touched on the negative stereotyping applied to people with limb deficiencies. If any of your followers are interested please look at my blog. I will also put something about your blog on mine.

    It's great that you are giving this subject some exposure. I wish you luck. I also hope you attract many followers and supporters.