Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dutch Imperfect

I met up with my friend Deb yesterday who came over from Holland to come to the RADAR awards party with me last night. I was nominated for 'Young Disabled Person of the Year' which I didn't win unfortunately, but we had an amazing evening! I met Frank Gardener who was host for the evening, as well as so many more wonderful people. Deb was one of the B.M.T.M girls and we have been friends ever since we met on the series so it was great to celebrate the evening with her. (Second on the left, in between Kelly Knox and I)She is an incredibly inspiring person to say the least, loosing her arm in a bus accident a few years ago but never letting anything or anybody get in her way!
Deb is going to help spread the word, and I'm so excited to announce that as of next year there will be a Dutch IMPERFECT!
Like IMPERFECT over here it'll have a lot of work to do, but we are both so excited about the future and I'm so pleased that Deb is involved! Little rock star that she is!

It is so encouraging that the IMPERFECT message is going to be spread to another country. Having spent the evening surrounded by such a strong and empowered disabled community, I recognise the need for continued determination from those individuals who are ardent for a change in disability perceptions.

What IMPERFECT wants to achieve is not a pipe dream, but instead a vision that with enough perseverance will come true. I met people last night who have made their own visions materialise though hard work and genuine intentions and I believe that we will get there in the end, and that IMPERFECT will make a difference, and be a small ingredient in the mix that will see disabled peoples lives bettered.

Love Soph x