Tuesday, 6 October 2009


As i said in the previous post last week we had a brilliant photo shoot. Britain's Missing Top Model Kelly Knox modeled (pictured above center) the beautiful IMPERFECT t-shirt dresses collection that was designed by Joe McCombe (above left) and Ross Fortsythe (above right). The boys were phenomenal, not only creating the clothes but styling the shoot too!
We had Sam Fisher www.SAMFISHER.tv as photographer and as i've said in the previous post, i cant thank him enough!

It was a brilliant collaboration of different talents and in the end we got some amazing images. The theme of the shoot was to have fun with the clothes, nothing too serious or conceited like most photo shoots can be, but instead I wanted the images to reflect just what IMPERFECT believes in, that no one is perfect or imperfect! We are all inclusive! I decided to bring in a professional model without a disability also, as this campaign doesn't want to segregate disabled people. Instead we want to call an end to inequality, to unite in support of each other.
Heather (below second from left) was fabulous and her and Kelly really showed off the garments perfectly!!or imperfectly!!
The final images are up on the website
as well as some new inspiring stories


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